Much Ado about No Thing

by Wolfie


Once upon a time there was Modernism. Modernism went on and on. One day all the intellectuals looked around and noticed that Modernism was over. But where were they now? If it wasn't Modernism, what was it?

Eventually they decide to call it Post-Modernism. Then another problem arose. Just what was Post-Modernism?

All the Philosophers, Artists, Critics and Historians (Art and Otherwise) got together to discuss the problem. Each and every one of them got up and said what they thought Post-Modernism was. They talked and discussed, argued and debated. At last they decided that everyone was right and everyone was wrong.

Thus was Post-Modernism born.

The artists then began to produce numerous works of art. Deconstructing every myth and narrative they could find or think of. It was an orgy of deconstructionism. One day they woke up to find that there was nothing left to deconstruct. Everything had been deconstructed down to the quarks.

"What do we do now?" Somebody asked.

"Well, we could try to make something." One artist suggested.

After they finished lynching the impertinent party the artists found they were bored to tears.

"Maybe he was right." Someone said.

"It beats perpetual ennui." Said another.

"We've got plenty of material from all that deconstructing." Noted somebody else. So they got to work building something.


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