Links to Online Resources

Sites, Digital Archives, and Dictionaries

MyNDIR: My Norse Digital Image Repository contains an extensive catalogue of images related to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature.

.septentrionalia. contains a PDF repository of public domain texts of Old Norse publications.

Germanic Mythology: Texts, Translations, Scholarship  offers a vast selection of texts related to the history and reception of Myths and Sagas.

The Afterlife of Eddas and Sagas lists many works of medievalism inspired by Old Norse Literature, including in music.

The Saga-Steads of Iceland: A 21st Century Pilgrimage is a groundbreaking project which provides on-site photographs and reflections on many saga-related locations in Iceland.
This site is largely for people interested in recreating Viking battles, however, the section “Viking-age History, Culture, and Society” contains a vast array of information about the lives of people during this period. This includes clothing, food, societal class, armor, ships, language, and a multitude of other topics. The site lists a number of resources used to find the information in a “References” section.

The Dictionary of Old Norse Prose (Ordbog over det norrøne prosasprog)  of The Arnamagnæan Collection at the University of Copenhagen is a valuable resource for researchers.

The Icelandic Online Dictionary of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a great resource.
This site is an excellent resource for those interested in learning Icelandic. The online dictionary is much more accurate and thorough than many other translation sites. One of the best features is the inclusion of verb phrases in the translation of words. Unfortunately, the site does not recognize words in every form they may have. It will recognize words in their nominative form, but not necessarily the accusative form. However, this site is still the best option outside of a physical Icelandic-English dictionary.
This site is for students learning Icelandic at various levels, and offers a free preview of courses.
Tímarit is an online library of articles with a vast array of topics. There are tens of thousands of articles openly available through this site. While Tímarit can be navigated in English, many of the writings are in Icelandic.
This website is highly useful when looking up foreign words. The meaning is included as well as any grammatical forms the word may have. This is good for languages, such as Icelandic, which have complex declension and conjugation.

The Fragile Heritage Project  provides an indispensable digital collection of Icelandic manuscripts in North America.

The web site Laxness in Translation  is an excellent resource for those interested in the writings of the prolific Icelandic writer Halldór Laxness (1902-1998), winner of the 1955 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Fifty Poems by Jónas Hallgrímsson (1807-1845), edited, translated and with commentary by Dick Ringler, offers works by the acclaimed Icelandic poet, hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The William Morris Archive is the best resource on the English translator and popularizer of Icelandic literature, William Morris (1834-1896), making newly edited versions of many of Morris’s works available online, often in multiple versions and with commentary. The Journal of the William Morris Society features all articles from 1961 to 2011 freely available online.

Youtube Channels

Jackson Crawford.
Dr. Crawford has a Youtube channel where he explains aspects of Old Norse language, culture, and mythology. He has hundreds of videos teaching a variety of topics.

Mathias Nordvig.
Dr. Nordvig’s channel focuses on pre-Christian Scandinavian religion. Religious practices and myths of the time are the primary topics.

Northern Myths Podcast.
This channel has lengthy discussions on mythology; including interviews with authors, bands, and other podcast creators.

The playlist specific to Old Norse studies can be found under the title “Hurstwic Heathen Study Group.” This channel focuses on the recreation of Viking battles, but it also hosts informal lectures on a variety of topics surrounding the Vikings.

Viking Language Old Norse.
This is a small channel that has videos produced by Dr. Jesse Byock concerning the archaeological dig at Mosfell Valley.

Specific Videos

“The Age of the Vikings - Anders Winroth.” Youtube, uploaded by The Kansas City Public Library, 29 Jan. 2015,

“Author Talk | The Poetic Edda | Carolyne Larrington.” Youtube, uploaded by Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press), 2 May 2019,

“The Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking Universe.” Youtube, uploaded by Cornell University, 11 Dec. 2011,

“The Future of the Icelandic Language, Part 1.” Youtube, uploaded by Scandinavia House, 18 June 2018,

“George Lakey, author of “Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right -- and How We Can Too”.” Youtube, uploaded by 360 North, 15 Dec. 2016,

“The Icelandic Culture Boom: Threat or Asset?” Youtube, uploaded by Polyglot Conference, 22 Aug 2018,

“Icelandic Language Learning: Teaching Morphologically Complex Language Online, SOAS.” Youtube, SOAS University of London, 4 Feb. 2013,

“Icelandic roots and identities: Genealogies, DNA, & personal names (Gisli Palsson).” Youtube, uploaded by Genetic Genealogy Ireland, 11 Oct. 2018,

“The Icelandic Village: Guided Participation in Real-Life Interaction in Icelandic.” Youtube, uploaded by Polyglot Conference, 16 Aug. 2018,

“Icelandic Volcanoes: Interactions Between Volcanoes, Ice and Atmosphere.” Youtube, uploaded by GeologicalSociety, 26 April 2012,

“Life and Afterlife: Dealing with the Dead in the Viking Age.” Youtube, uploaded by Cornell University, 11 Dec. 2012,

“Lunchtime Talk: Invasion, Immigration, Integration? New Ways of Looking at the Vikings.” Youtube, uploaded by Nottingham Lakeside Arts, 28 March 2018,

“Manly P. Hall - On Norse Myth [Lecture].” Youtube, uploaded by Carmen Moyers, 17 Feb. 2017,”

“Medieval Icelandic Textiles.” Youtube, uploaded by Team TVS, 16 Nov. 2012,

“Neil Gaiman: Norse Mythology and American Gods.” Youtube, uploaded by WGBHForum, 4 May 2017,

“The Norse Gods (In Our Time).” Youtube, uploaded by BBC Podcasts, 5 Aug. 2018,

“Norse Mythology, Ontology and Metaphysics.” Youtube, uploaded by Joe Enabnit, 6 Nov. 2015,

“A reading from ‘The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman.’” Youtube, uploaded by Cornell University, 27 July 2009,

“Revealing the Landscape: Community archaeology in Viking Sherwood Forest.” Youtube, uploaded by Nova Scotia Archaeology Society NSAS, 22 March 2017,

“2012 Rhind lecture 1: “From Garðar to Garðar” by Professor Kevin Edwards.” Youtube, uploaded by Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 17 Aug. 2018,

“The Shape of the Soul: The Viking Mind and the Individual.” Youtube, uploaded by Cornell University, 11 Dec. 2012,

“The Song of the Vikings, Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths with Nancy Marie Brown.” Youtube, uploaded by St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, 11 April 2013,

“Streaming Museum’s Nordic Outbreak Lecture: History of Nordic Art.” Youtube, uploaded by StreamingMuseum, 22 April 2013,

“Tolkien’s Sigurd and Gudrún - Lecture 1 of 3.” Youtube, uploaded by Signum University, 1 May 2017,

“Viking-age grave analysis reveals woman warrior.” Youtube, uploaded by Stockholm University, 20 Sept. 2017,

“Viking Age research in the Black Earth Harbour on the Swedish island of Birka.” Youtube, uploaded by Stockholm University, 4 July 2018,

“Viking DNA expert leads longboat raid to Norway.” Youtube, uploaded by University of Nottingham, 19 June 2013,

“Viking DNA in Ireland. Do you have some and where did it come from? (Peter Sjölund).” Youtube, uploaded by Genetic Genealogy Ireland, 16 Nov. 2016,

“22. Vikings / The European Prospect, 1000.” Youtube, uploaded by YaleCourses, 5 April 2012,

“Viking Inscriptions in Britain.” Youtube, uploaded by James Willetts, 5 Oct. 2017,

“Viking Myths of Minnesota’s Kensington Rune Stone.” Youtube, uploaded by College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University Digital Commons, 6 Feb. 2019,

“The Viking and Norse impact on the beginning of Scotland - Prof Dauvit Broun.” Youtube, uploaded by thinkuhi, 24 May 2017,

“The Vikings and Their Outreach: From Buddhas to Butternuts - lecture by Russell Poole.” Youtube, uploaded by Western University, 18 April 2011,

“Viking Presence in Ireland.” Youtube, uploaded by GiantsHeritageCenter, 20 Jan. 2012,

“Vikings in a Turbulent Anglo-Scandinavian World, Christina von Nolcken.” Youtube, uploaded by The University of Chicago, 22 Dec. 2011,

“The Volga Vikings (In Our Time).” Youtube, uploaded by BBC Podcasts, 5 Aug. 2018,

“Wolves and Winter: Old Norse Myths and Children’s Literature.” Youtube, uploaded by Open Education and Culture, 9 July 2015,

“Women in Early Viking Scotland.” Youtube, uploaded by James Willetts, 23 Sept. 2018,