It Said What?

Or: If you can't translate it yourself, don't depend on a program to do it for you


The original paragraph:

Why Loki? I was sorely temped to say "why not?" and leave it at that. He makes people uncomfortable with his complexity, but easy answers are hardly worth the lack of effort it takes to arrive at them. I am completely and utterly sincere in my devotion. (I begin to realise how difficult it is to express my sentiments clearly. It wouldn't be entirely correct to say that I take honouring Loki seriously, nor would it be accurate to say that this page is not a joke.) I make no claim that anything I say is more than my own opinion, based on the information available to me at this moment in time. As I learn more, my opinions change. I'd be far more worried if they didn't.

As it was presented to me in translation (English to German) by Altavista:

Warum Loki? Ich war temped wund, um zu sagen ", warum nicht? ", und lassen Sie es an dem. Er bildet Leute unbequem mit seiner Kompliziertheit, aber einfache Antworten sind kaum wert den Mangel an Bemühung, die er nimmt, um in ihnen anzukommen. Ich bin in meiner Hingabe vollständig und äußerst aufrichtig. (ich fange feststelle an, wie schwierig sie meine Gefühle offenbar ausdrücken soll. Es würde nicht völlig korrekt sein, zu sagen, daß ich Loki ernsthaft ehren nehme, noch würde es genau sein, zu sagen, daß diese Seite nicht ein Witz. ist), Ich bilde keinen Anspruch, den alles, das ich sage, mehr ist, als meine eigene Meinung, basiert auf den Informationen, die für mich an diesem Moment in der Zeit vorhanden sind. Da ich mehr erlerne, ändern meine Meinungen. Ich würde gesorgt weites sein, wenn sie nicht.

Translating the translation back into English:

Why Loki? I was temped wund, over to say ", why not? ", and you leave it at that. It educates people uncomfortablly with its complexity, but simple responses are hardly worth the lack of effort, which it takes, in order to arrive in them. I am completely and extremely sincere in my devotion (I catch determine on, how with difficulty she is to obviously express my feelings. To say it completely correctly to be, that I Loki seriously honour take, to say nor it exactly to be, that this page is not a joke), I form no requirement, which everything, which is I legend, more, as if my own opinion, is based on the information, which is available for me on this moment in the time. Since I learn more, my opinions modify. I far to be ensured, if it not.


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