carrots The Ur-Carrot line
I was thinking of the golden carrots of the Hesperides. No one ever found them, since their tops were green and the gold part was hidden under the ground. It was only the golden apples of the Hesperidies that were found. Being out in the open, they were much easier to see.

Then too, there's the ur-carrot. It grows in the gardens of the gods, in the soil of the cosmos. Growing deep into the soil, the ur-carrot reaches into the cosmic consciousness, as well as everything else cosmic. It can be a potent aid in finding the truth and seeing. After all, the ur-carrot pierces into what cannot be seen! With its long taproot, it finds the heart of things, and with its thin thready roots, it makes connections with the rest of the cosmos, linking it into the cosmic net.

In truth, the ur-carrot is so powerful that even mundane carrots, mere reflections of it help eyesight! This, too, shows how potent a force for enlightenment it is! Even things that bring to mind the ur-carrot are revered. Take gold, for example. It is the metal with the most carrot-like color, clearly representative of the ur-carrot. Undoubtedly, at its root, the desire for gold comes from its relation to the enlightenment of the ur-carrot, which most reach for.

Yet, it is hard to discover the ur-carrot. Its truth and revelations are hidden by the soil it grows in. From above, only greenery sprouts, fountaining out in a mass of round-stalked leaves. But to the cognoscenti, even the leaves can show something: do they not gracefully curve outward, reaching out to touch more than themselves? Is this not part of what enlightenment means, to become aware of more than oneself?

Unlike the ur-apple, which hangs out on a limb, supported by nothing but the empty air and a small stalk, which it bends, the ur-carrot does not distort itself with its truth. Instead, its truth serves as a foundation for its leaves and flowers, allowing them to grow and sprout, showing the benefits of a deep base.

All who seek out the truth must respect and revere the ur-carrot, for it pierces into the hidden, probes the depths that most cannot see and are not even aware of! It grows with many other vegetables in the gardens of the gods, where we are all planted. The truth is that we are all produce of the gods!


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